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Alicja Nowicz (1988) is a mother, artist and a compulsive gardener. Born in Gdynia (Poland) she is back to her hometown after spending 12 years abroad. She stages situations, embodies characters and makes things (ceramics, paintings, installations, videos). She is interested in people, nature and civilization. She works with such themes as value of art, appearances, stereotypes, paradox, eastern European identity, modernisation and memory.

Beati Jolanda Niesyta (1986), born in Złocieniec is a mother, artist and a gardening masseur. She was expelled from the art high school in Gdynia, Poland and turned to hairdressing. In 2015, she joined Alicja in Amsterdam and regained interest in art. She made many shows, started to paint and is currently into ceramics. She is back in Gdynia now, lives at an allotment and runs a beauty parlour at a meat market.

Radek Morszczuk (1989) is a Polish nomadic rapper best known for covering Liroy’s “Impreza”. Being childhood friends with Alicja Nowicz and Beati Jolanda, he occasionally joins their art projects turning exhibitions into parties. In 2020, he engaged in a gay community in Groningen, in the Netherlands, and made a rap song about a local gay sauna. He also tried to perform the song at the opening of the “Little Nostrum” art show but failed and run away.