Radek Morszczuk - video productions/ photo sessions


Radek Morszczuk, Polish rapper, appears in various european contexts. On the first level, he acts as an outsider to the Western society- unemployed, with an exaggerated machoism and alcoholic problems he makes his appearance on the busy streets of Western European cities. He engages in dialogs with the population often attracting other excluded figures. Their spontaneous encounters often lead to making rap together. As his career progresses Radek gradually europeanises himself. As a result, he goes to Greece to exercise and promote healthy life-style. However, shortly after he suffers from an identity crisis...

Radek in Poland

In Poland Radek likes to be taken for a macho.

Radek abroad

After promoting healthy life-style in Greece and going back to the roots of European civilization, he suffers from a breakdown and organizes a balkan/ barbaric party (check our Extravaganza Retrospective).